Wrong season I know, but just LOOK at it!
Way far up north it’s true there lies, 
All beauty one can have in sight;
A land of skies that are alive,
Which starts at dawn and goes through night.
So bright the day begins anew
As from the east the sun does come.
The birds do sing to days bright hues;
To pink and blue does dark succumb.
Throughout the day the sky abounds
From north to south, from west to east.
The stretched horizon all around,
So big and welcome, eyes do feast.
The clouds that make the blue sky white,
So big and soft from down below.
To lay beneath does not take might,
For mind is taken with them so.
The sun that sets itself down west, 
In full shades, vibrant, light and rich.
In pink and orange it goes to rest,
As all with sight it does bewitch.
The big and dark blue evening sky
With stars that shine and glow in night;
Amidst the darkened eve do fly
The green and bright blue northern lights.
In day and night the heavens lie
So grand and big, this worlds great dome.
This is the land of living skies.
It is the land I call my home.

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