Rainy Thoughts from a Cup of Tea

This is the first (and possibly last before the end of summer) time that I write on the Barnabas Project. It is also the first time that I took TIME to read through what others have already written and shared.

In browsing drearily through various photos this rainy afternoon, I came across a few things that I’d like to share. In reading them and pausing for a moment of reflection, I somehow learned something about myself – and I’m not sure if I can or should put it into words, and I’m not going to try. I will simply throw out a couple thoughts regarding them. Please do not work overhard to make sense out of the scramble. I make no claim of good organization when spewing forth thoughts.

“He who would be a man must therefore be a nonconformist.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Put in other words, you can’t bend before the winds of the influences of others merely to ‘fit in’, or let your inclinations and emotions control you. ‘Control thyself’ and let nothing dominate you, else you will not be free in mind or soul.

“God has assigned as a duty to every man the dignity of every woman.”
– Pope St. John Paul II

I have always known this and tried (tried) to act on the principle that all women are worthy of a certain level of reverence by their being who and what they are. The pope here says that it is a God-given duty penned into the nature of all men to defend the dignity of all women.

Christian society has always recognized the reverence owed to women by men as not ‘just’ a being created in the image and likeness of God (as men are) but also a tabernacle if you will, a holy sanctuary wherein new life and eternally-existing souls destined to see God are conceived; as one sharing in the form and nature of the holiest of all creatures, the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God. (And oh, the list of ‘reasons’ could continue on…)

In relatively recent years this has largely disintegrated, because the world in great part forgot about the existence of dignity, piety, humility. Men and women lost sight of principles practiced for centuries by all decent society in light of Charity, and in one generation it was so swept away that it is rare to find anyone who understands the principles behind such virtues as chivalry, fortitude, purity in all its beautiful facets. . . Or that they exist as more than societal standards of their grandparents.
I have begun many times a project of tracing this. It has always, since I was 12, found the more immediate causes within the repercussions of the First World War . . . though the root is in Adam’s sin.

The extreme feminism of the last century – many actions of which were fully planned by Freemason leaders – was at its core, anti-woman and determined to destroy her holy image and vocation. (“Take the mother from the home, and we will destroy society” one wrote in a letter to his partner-in-crime.)
And as we can see, it worked quite nicely – all under the guise of freeing women from the unjust acts of Protestant ideals. . . because nations lost the faith.

Hm, maybe I will write more on THIS ‘thought’ later.

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