Deep Down Things

Saturday night, in the spot, don’t believe just watch…

“And for all this, nature is never spent;
    There lives the dearest freshness deep down things”

Gerard Manley Hopkins

In total agreement with you Anne, I feel the greatest longing from separation already, even when it is been but three days.

in the end I think a tiny part of us, deep down, is already mourning for the day when we will leave Lander.

I am already mourning, a feeling something I feel most of us share, but “for all this, nature is never spent”, that which we here have we can carry beyond the predetermined plans and limits of four years. I make no aim to sound “kooky” (assuming that is even the proper word), but why can we not build the same that we have and more ourselves, WCC but for families, an outpost in the wilderness, the “deep down things” still resting on our hearts.

We have something here, and I believe specifically within this class, the means maybe not to change the world necessarily in the sense so overused (at least its my impression that it is so) in inspiration, but beginning with ourselves. WCC is formation, let’s live out the form of the life we’ve been set to.

How exactly? I don’t really know yet, but in the pursuit of unchanging truths, of God, by and through the family …

Oh no, it is an ever fixed mark

There is a way. And let’s talk seriously about thus, Inshall, Rinju’s brother has already started something on a small scale. St. John Paul II City, anyone

Iacobus (and yes unlike much of my and my friends at IIT’s reputation, this is serious)

2 thoughts on “Deep Down Things

  1. I’m not leaving Lander for another 2 full days, and being here without most of the students has been pretty strange. The town isn’t the same without ’em all.
    I think that we’re not supposed to bunch together (love the idea though) in one massive WCC for families. It’s a haven of sorts, but temporary. Afterwards, there will be a spreading of what we’ve learned here by going out. The giant grouping will happen, but only in eternity. đŸ™‚


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