In the Same Boat with Heraclitus

Good old Heraclitus. One of his fragments I recall most vividly was his insistence that everything is change. I wish I’d paid better attention to the pearls of wisdom scattered by the professor instead of staring with glazed eyes at my reading packet, the clock, and my fellow students, but that’s irrelevant for these purposes. I’ve been thinking about how although Heraclitus was wrong (yaiyn, to avoid criticism), we as college students, particularly WCC students, can understand where he was coming from.

The life of a college student seems to be a four-year storm with choppy waves, pounding rain, and unpredictable currents turning us this way and that. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t felt particularly in control of my life since starting college. Wild weather, delays and schedule changes, not to mention that insane experience known as Freshmen Orientation, combined to concoct a recipe for a feeling of futility and powerlessness. Numerous times this year, I asked myself, “Do I even have any say in how my life turns out? Should I even bother trying to shape my life into the one I want, or just drift along until I wash up and go from there?”

Well I’m here to say that the answers are a definite Yes and No, your classic Yaiyn. And you can figure out for yourselves why that is, since I don’t want to state the obvious. “Here let every tongue be silent.” -Psalms

-The Scottish Peasant

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